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Pastor Anthony as he is known by his members, founded Called To Conquer Ministries at the age of 17 as a High school youth ministry. At the age of 23 Pastor Anthony along with his wife Lady Tiffany turned the ministry into a church.

In 2011 after 7 years in ministry God called Pastor Anthony to launch a new ministry in Cleveland, Ohio.

She is the director of Women’s Ministry at “THE WORD” Church and the director of an off-site outreach ministry.

Lady Vernon’s passion is ministering to women who are broken and hurting and assisting them in achieving spiritual and emotional wholeness.

Bishop Joey’s presence in my life has made a decisive difference in my marriage, my ministry, and in the mastery of my emotional consciousness.

You will often hear me say, “Don’t tell me who you’re over until you tell me who you’re under.” There are few principles that I believe in more than surrendering to the spiritual authority of one who you feel called to.

One of her primary goals is to help women discover their God-given purpose.

Both in word and deed, she encourages women to be naturally and spiritually healthy.

When I was a young pastor some sixteen years ago, going through the wearisome vicissitudes of leading my first church and facing what would turn out to be a watershed moment in my life, I found myself isolated and uncertain, with no one close who could experientially relate to what I was going through.Lady Vernon is the Director of Women’s Ministry at “THE WORD” Church and they have six wonderful children. A Christian woman of virtue, poise, and grace, Lady Vernon is known for her endless love and wisdom, which she pours unreservedly into the women of “THE WORD” Church.Victory Vernon, affectionately referred to as “Lady Vernon,” is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, the wife of Pastor R. Lady Vernon holds her undergraduate degree in Social Work from Capital University, as well as a Master’s degree in Practical Theology from Ashland Theological Seminary.This new ministry would switch from focusing primarily on youth and impact people from all age groups.After much prayer and planning The Empowerment Church was born.