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Just pop him into a tux and then pop yourself into this gold bodysuit.

Make sure to make the envelope that correctly reads "Moonlight" as the winner and feed your partner a tequila shot to give them that "excruciatingly-uncomfortable-but-trying-to-be-brave" look.

The vendor of the fraud package advertises a guaranteed response rate of at least 1.2 percent, and states that customers who average 30 scam letters per day can expect to earn roughly ,000 a week.

The proprietor also claims that his method is more than 20% effective within three replies and over 60% effective after eight.

The romance scam package urges customers to send at least a dozen emails to establish a rapport and relationship before even mentioning the subject of traveling to meet the target.fires: wild fires and hurricanes have decimated entire communities, tiki torch-wielding white supremacists were called "fine people" by our nefarious dotard, and a "fire and fury" threat triggered Kim Jung Un to re-up his nukes.(Excuse me while I pop a Xanax.) The not-even-really silver lining?“Working with dozens of possible outcomes, they carefully lay out every possible response, including dealing with broke guys who fell in love online,” said Alex Holden, the security expert who intercepted the romance scam package.“If the mark doesn’t have money, the package contains advice for getting him credit, telling the customer to restate his love and discuss credit options.” Interestingly, although Russia is considered by many to be among the most hostile countries toward homosexuals, the makers of this dating scam package also include advice and templates for targeting gay men.