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Of course, condoms aren’t fail-safe, nor do they protect against every STI, but they’re better than nothing.

On the related topic of safety, keep your wits about you when traveling, whether or not romance is on the menu.

I was humiliated, not to mention angry that I’d been made an unwitting accomplice to H’s infidelity.

Regarding infidelity, let the buyer beware when it comes to travel flings.

When my fever finally broke on New Year’s Eve, I joined the Aussies in celebrating the millennium.

As dawn broke, we went back my bungalow, whereupon he threw me against the wall and kissed me.

I once had a fling with a guy, only to find out later that he was married.

I don’t like being the other woman, even if the primary woman is cool with her husband screwing around. Condoms don’t work if you don’t use them, and if they’re applicable to your sex life, pack them, because you never want to rely on a rusting vending machine in skanky bars or off-brands from developing nations.

It was obvious that something was up, and a month later my suspicions were confirmed by one of his friends, with whom I’d struck up an email correspondence.

H had a girlfriend, and the reason he’d sailed up the coast to begin with was to meet the girlfriend he’d forgotten to tell me he had.