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Lisa Curnow, 30, is the landlady of the deserted Railway Inn, which sits between the former mining towns of Redruth and Camborne."I always think if I get tourists in here then they must be lost," she laughs."When the mining was here you couldn't get in the door at lunch time or after work, but there's no big employers anymore and some afternoons we get no customers at all." For more than 4,000 years mining was at the heart of the Cornish economy, so in 1999, when the last mine shut at South Crofty, the community imploded.Redruth, which gained notoriety this week as the first town to introduce a curfew for its young, has earned the nickname Beirut, thanks to the buildings burnt out after the local mining industry closed.The people who visit here see the beaches, yellow sand and green fields and have absolutely no concept of the reality because the poverty is hidden." The average visitor to the Cornwall Citizens Advice bureaux has just under £15,000 of unsecured debt – which does not include money owed in mortgages.The level of debt dealt with between January and March this year was nearly three times higher than expected, with more than 500 families in temporary accommodation after being evicted from their properties.

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A world away from the catamarans of its Kensington holidaymakers, the area is on the front line of the global credit crunch.

Crossing into the county along the A30, a sign saying "Welcome To Cornwall" is surrounded on all sides by verdant hills and hedge- rows spilling over with wild flowers.

But the road to Rock and Padstow leads to a very different slice of Cornwall life.

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Sex dating in redruth cornwall