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Remnants of this project are reflected in the track "Colours" (2016).Subsequent announcements and rumors were circulated for the next few years promising release dates and blaming sample clearance for the album's delay; however no new material was released during this time.Production for the album was not completed until March 2016.Jonathan Donahue of Mercury Rev provided vocals and musical saw instrumentation on multiple tracks.

It was being funded privately but the money fell through two years into production and the project was never finished.They plan to release these songs "within a year" of the album's release in order to provide a start to produce new material.One of the group's earliest collaborations was with Luke Steele in 2003, creating "tripped out rock 'n' roll" with both Steele and Di Blasi singing.Later, they worked on a psychedelic animation project that was going to be a "hip hop version of Yellow Submarine".It was to be a feature-length animated movie released under the Avalanches' name along with an album.