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She dated Matt between the end of Season 4 until early Season 5, until Matt broke up with her because Paige’s life was too structured and orderly.In Season 6, Paige chose Jesse over former boyfriend Spinner.

The 28-year-old is still acting in Toronto, where most recently, she played a doctor on the CTV series "Saving Hope." Charlotte Arnold (Holly J) then... We have so many conflicted feelings over Jimmy's best friend. He picked on Emma and Manny for being, what, a year younger than him? By Year 10, she was actually having Aislinn Paul is nothing like Clare IRL. In the podcast, Collisn and Epstein discussed how they're still associated with the show, even after they left to go to school or pursue other roles.(In fact, that's why Craig went to become a rock star — Epstein went to university.) Because they started so young, the writers really modeled the characters after the actors, so that as they grew up, their characters had a similar journey.Oh, and getting your period in the middle of class is super embarrassing, but all you need is a BFF to have your back (literally) and you'll be fine.And who could forget the age-old proverb, "No bracelet is worth gonorrhea." But perhaps the biggest lesson "Degrassi" taught us about life is that no matter how awkward you look in middle school, you will grow up to be super effing hot. Take it from these guys: Sure, Jimmy, Spinner and Sean looked pretty ~cool~ in this mid-'00s snapchat, but their hotness is seriously on another level in 2015.