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Nancy and Art go to dinner with them, and Art is furious with Nancy’s lack of professionalism, both in accepting the invitation and in outlining all the failures of the clinic.

Art argues that slow and steady will win the race for them at the clinic — soon, their names will be on studies alongside Masters and Johnson’s.

Bill announces that he’s always wanted to be an Earl. He can tell you whether you need air in your tires just by listening to the engine.” Gini asks what their issue should be, and Bill says, a little too cheerfully, “I think you should be frigid.” And so they negotiate their way to ejaculatory incompetence.

In the middle of all of this, there’s a lovely little in-joke in which Bill announces, “I’m very good at accents.” Bill isn’t, but Michael Sheen certainly is.

The 65,636 square feet hangar is where maintenance work, checks and repairs on aircraft are carried out.

is going, and two episodes seems like very little time to pull together a cohesive narrative.

Clavermore stopped being able to ejaculate with his wife after their child walked in on him mid-orgasm and he was unable to stop.

Bill and Gini co-opt this story for their clandestine Topeka investigation, and it quickly becomes clear that the Toplins stole both their intake procedure and their protocol for addressing ejaculatory incompetence.

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They also meet with the Clavermores, the obviously wealthy couple from a few episodes back — Mr.It’s definitely a problem that the Topeka clinic claims to have developed this process on their own, but I’m not sure what legal leg Bill and Gini actually have to stand on here. Clavermore is quite taken with Nancy, and with the business model of the clinic as a whole.His wife confides to Art that “falling in love with businesses” is what he does; earlier in the year, they visited Coney Island and he came home with an ice cream parlor.Langham starts waxing rhapsodically to Guy (who is considering participating in the homosexual study) about the first woman he slept with as a part of the clinic’s research.Out of nowhere, Lester punches him, saying, “That woman is my wife.” Oh, right, that’s why Lester hates him.