Bisexual girls phone chat

Nothing would have happened outside of dinner and talking, but I still felt used and lied to.

Of course, he doesn't see it that way and thinks we're being over dramatic.

I'm a bisexual male who's considered himself mostly gay.

I've had no luck with girls since, but lots of luck with guys.

I work alot and don't get out much so I am looking for some one who would like to chat and play on the phone.

If your interested shoot me a message and let's see where things go. DROP ME A LINE WITH YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER..... -- MAYA FREAKYONES at BISEXUALPLAYGROUNDFor those of who don't know yet, it is with a certain sadness in my heart that I write this.

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Hi all I am looking for females or malesthe that want to have some phone fun (phone sex, sexting, a good chat, etc.).Gave hre my number and she said shed call but her bf wanted to be in on the fun but not let my man be in on the fun so he deleted my number from her phone.He accused her of cheating on him with me since.(i know this cause she took a class with my cousin and they talked about it)She was flattered by me and my comment as well. That same night a girl sat on one of those tiny lil ferkin stools with me rubbin her butt against me and i was like damn u wanna fuck or something(LOL told ya i was drunk LOL)she was like know u like girls? LOL and that was it.nothing more never seen the girl again.I notice in environments like that,most are too drunk to remember..LMAO ...maybe that will help a bit: P Kiss Hug Attractive and fun twenty-something guy and girl in Cbus are looking for a hot young girl to have some fun with some weekday or weekend soon; please drop me a line soon if you're interested in meeting up sometime soon.