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They both considered attending the University of Michigan for undergrad but ended up not going/ finishing there.

They were both psychology majors and received graduate degrees in psychology, but at different graduate programs.

I started praying for my future husband when I was 18, and when I got to my mid-20's, I was pretty sure no one was coming along, so I stopped.

Now, I am continuously overwhelmed by God's timing and grace to me and so thankful that he gave me the gift of this incredible man.

He is caring, accepting, empathetic, thoughtful, loving, sensitive, smart, ambitious, and let's be honest, handsome.

I could imagine a future with him pretty early in our relationship.

He's a former violin player, educated, and in the mental health field? I remember Facebooking Steve and seeing his picture for the first time. There's no way he would be interested in me." When we met, I felt like we stumbled upon something special. For those of those who know me, I do NOT do something like gush about a boy often (or ever).

Even from the beginning, I had a strong feeling that Steve was special and different from anyone I had dated. The thought that came into my mind as soon as it happened was, "Ohhhh.

Later in December, Steve left Common Ground, and Rosanne soon retired from the agency.

I am overjoyed, humbled, and excited to marry Steve.

More importantly, I am excited for our life together, which is just beginning.

The University of Bedfordshire was formed by the merger of the University of Luton with De Montfort University's Bedford campus in August 2006.

The University currently has 5 campuses: Luton, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Aylesbury and Putteridge Bury.