Quicken stock prices not updating dating slump

The installation does backup your Quicken 2016 file, so if something did go wrong you can always reinstall the older version and open up the saved file.

I didn’t have to fuss about license keys or anything like that during the installation, although I did need to enter my “Intuit ID” to register.

Although Quicken 2017 is largely a refresh of the user interface to a more modern style, if you use Quicken 2015 there are more reasons to upgrade.

I upgraded because I wanted to review it and because the newer version should have better ongoing support.

Now I think my data file is pretty big at 128MB as I have transactions going back to 2009, but it imported everything without any problems and I had no issues starting up Quicken afterwards.

The file format hasn’t changed at all since I was able to load my new Quicken 2017 file into Quicken 2016 without any problems.

I use the investing features which are only available with Quicken Premier so that’s the only version I’m interested in.

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Quicken have a promotion for the same price until the end of the month.So here’s my Quicken 2017 review with my thoughts about the latest version.I’ve also updated my Income Portfolio Morningstar X-Ray and Credit Score too.You can protect the Quicken data file using a password.This means you can only open the file after entering the password.