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“Users with disappointment in their profile received 160 percent more first messages and were involved in 198 percent more deep conversations than everyone else”.

Other key words with high response rates included dishonest (153% more messages), flaw (108% more messages), and weakness (107%).

For example, if you like zombie movies, don’t just say movies, give examples of your favorite zombie flicks.

If you like tattoos and piercings, you can discuss some of your own bits of body art you have or want to get.

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On women’s profiles, the word ‘ambitious’ attracts the most attention from men, while ‘hardworking’ has shot up from the ninth to fourth most appealing word. Mehr erfahren Viele glückliche Paare haben schon ihre Geschichten mit uns geteilt.Von Liebe auf den ersten Blick bis zu den niedlichsten NEU.Cool, awesome, and that’s fascinating all range from a 32-40% reply rate, whereas sexy, beautiful or hot garner anywhere from 17-32%.When you talk about your hobbies, you should be as descriptive as possible.