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Mike sadly passed away in 2016 after a cancer battle, but over his life with Camille they adopted dozens of special needs orphans from the hospital, giving the children a happy, supportive home they may not have otherwise had.Some were born with disabilities, others had suffered serious injury and some, sadly, had terminal conditions.If You Want To Go A Step Ahead, We Recommend You To Check Our Gay Community and Gay Dating By Clicking The Link You Will Find On Both Sidebar and Header!

다음 앨범 The Fame Monster (2009)은 가가의 모방을 볼 수 있었는데, "70년대 아레나 글램, 활기찬 아바의 디스코, 달콤하면서도 가가와 비슷했던 스테이시 큐"를 떠올리게 했다.Born This Way(2011)에는 자신의 어린 시절을 담았으며 여전히 "성적인 일렉트로 비트와 유로디스코적인 후렴구" 요소가 있었지만, 오페라, 헤비메탈, 디스코, 로큰롤 등 다양한 장르를 시도했다.《타임지》는 가가에게 영감을 준 마이클 잭슨, 마돈나, 비틀즈 등과 함께 "역사상의 패션 아이콘 100인 목록"에 상위권으로 선정했고, "레이디 가가는 자신의 노래를 히트시키기 위해서 너무나 충격적인 스타일하는 것으로 유명하다.They lost their home to a hurricane in 1992, and were forced to move again in 2011 when their North Carolina home was struck by lightning and burnt down.Then, last year, the family also had to suffer through the loss of Mike to an aggressive form of cancer.'I couldn’t cry, or my children would’ve fallen apart,' said Camille.