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Despite the lush foliage, the place is amazingly clean. THE SCENE The city's largest hotel had to have a giant water feature, if only to accommodate its capacity of 10,000 guests.The MGM Grand does: there are five pools with showbizzy names like Talent Pool; the resort goes the extra mile with a lazy river that takes almost 10 minutes to float around. There's a three-lane lap pool for people who want a no-gimmicks place to exercise. THE SCENE This dinosaur may be one of the Strip's least-noticed resorts, but to our surprise, we completely fell for the place.The latter was, however, oppressively crowded and noisy. PRICE OF A COKE PRICE OF A RUM AND COKE OTHER FAMILY FEATURES Check out the Lion Habitat, where the six cats on display are descendants of Leo, one of the original MGM marquee lions. The Tropicana has five pools, two of which are linked by curves and caverns and topped by a 16-foot waterfall. The landscaping is great, too: a jungle of 200 palms. All the action's in the pool, from socializing to gambling. THE SCENE Lifeguards at the Luxor and MGM Grand told us that the pool at Caesars was their favorite.The downside: twigs and leaves in the water, especially in the not-hot hot tub. PRICE OF A COKE .50PRICE OF A RUM AND COKE .50OTHER FAMILY FEATURES A thrice-daily show in the Tropics Lounge stars parrots and other colorful birds rollerblading, grocery shopping, and riding bikes. But once we saw it, we could only figure they liked the prospect of glimpsing topless women. During our visit, the water was uncomfortably cold, while the deck got so hot that walking barefoot was almost dangerous. THE SCENE Four pools with Egyptian motifs stretch across a concrete plain, with the hotel, a massive black glass pyramid, as a backdrop.You've brought your family to a vacation destination built on adult vice; the least you can do is make sure the resort where you squander your kids' inheritance entertains the whole brood.

Most know the Bellagio for its public spaces—those fountains performing nightly, the Conservatory with its over-the-top revolving floral displays (don’t miss the Chinese New Year exhibit), and the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Arts.

In 2015, Bellagio completed the 5-million-renovation of its nearly 4,000 rooms, a four-year project that culimated in the remodeling of more than 400 suites in its main tower, which overlooks the fountains.

Perfect for families and visitors on a budget, Circus Circus is one of the most affordable and fun-filled places to clown around on the Vegas Strip.

Six pools flank a central walkway under jasmine-covered arches; each is surrounded by tall, well-groomed pines and lemon trees.

Two have mushroom-like fountains for guests to sit under, proving that a resort can be classy and fun at the same time.