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Certainly, Kagan's sympathy and concern extends much beyond her immediate family.In her personal relationships, Daryn Kagan insists upon a certain amount of independence and the freedom to pursue friendships with as many people, of both sexes, as she chooses.She also very much wants a partner who will encourage her own aspirations and dreams.It is very important to Daryn that she have a spiritual or intellectual rapport with her love partner, perhaps more important than the emotional/physical aspect.

apparatchiks sent out to dispell rumors: Is Kagan IM-ing Rush during their respective broadcasts, sending him pro-Bush messages that he, in turn, reads on his radio show as missives from his "mistress in Georgia? been punishing Kagan for being a righty within a liberal media machine, or just for exercising bad judgement during her broadcast? Like someone ready to get back in the dating pool, I’ll casually ask friends, “Know any good books? We’re not together anymore.” My heart pangs, just not enough to move along. Sometime over the next week or two, I’ll start thinking about dipping my page turning finger.She has a tendency for impatience, irritability and outbursts of temper, especially in response to minor frustrations.When she is not actively involved, she is not comfortable.