Baptist views on inter racial dating define the bases dating

I’m touched by the way you have gathered around me and rallied to encourage me at this difficult time.

Thanks also to those who’ve written to say they disagree with me, but are wanting to do so with kindness and respect.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * So, while many conservative and evangelical Christians are very angry about my stand for same-sex marriage, please let’s dialogue in love. I’ll be blogging about this topic, recommending books and resources, and writing about questions that arise from them all.

Thanks to the many people who do support equal marriage and have reached out to me.

So having seen what they went through in the past few years, I was at least somewhat prepared for the responses. Because although I now mainly work in mainstream media, my church and family background is very conservative.And because I spent the past decade living and working in American media, based mainly in the super-conservative “Bible-belt”.If you know anything about American Christian culture, you’ll know it’s a huge operation/industry with a massive presence.If they don’t get sung in the mega-churches of North America, my royalties basically stop.So the cost of me speaking up about equal marriage is, essentially, my salary.

Baptist views on inter racial dating