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At the same time, Italian Renaissance art receives in-depth coverage, as does 17th century Baroque art, and 18th century Neoclassical art.In addition, we also look at the history of crafts, like jewellery and fine furniture.

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We profile Dutch Realists like Rembrandt and Jan Vermeer; as well as 18th century view-painters like Canaletto, Rococo painters like Boucher and Fragonard; Neoclassicists such as Jacques-Louis David, and Romantics like Goya.

We provide biographies of ALL major 19th century painters including: masters from the French Barbizon Landscape School, like Corot, Theodore Rousseau, Millet and Daubigny, as well as American painters of the Hudson River School (Thomas Cole, Frederic Church), and exponents of Luminism.

Realists like Daumier and Courbet, and Symbolists like Gustave Moreau, are also covered.

NICCOLO DELL'ABBATE (1510-71): FRENCH MASTER OF THE FONTAINEBLEAU SCHOOL After training with the sculptor Antonio Begarelli, Niccolo dell'Abbate collaborated with Alberto Fontana on the slaughterhouses of Modena.

In 1540, at Rocca di Scandiano near Modena, he painted a cycle showing the Aeneid (the most important series devoted to this theme in the 16th century), as well as genre scenes demonstrating an original interpretation of Giorgione, and also the secular frescoes of the castle of Trent.