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It is our profound hope that the province will move forward with what we have proposed, and that the country will use what we are doing here as a model.We would like to see Rowan's Law, and the accompanying guidelines and protocols, set the standard right across Canada.We were all very aware, as we worked on this report, that our aim was to encourage safe participation in amateur sport, something all our members believe is tremendously important.I believe I can speak for every member of our Committee when I say that the year of work that we put in was both challenging and rewarding.But we all had one thing in common – a strong passion for encouraging safe participation in amateur sport by creating the best concussion awareness and management system in the world.It was a pleasure working with each and every member of this Committee, and I believe they would all echo that sentiment.

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Building on the recommendations from the coroner's jury – every single one of which is addressed in this report – we were able to craft a set of recommended Actions that, if adopted, will build a solid foundation for world class concussion prevention and management in Ontario.In the week prior to her final game, Rowan had been hit twice, and likely sustained a concussion each time.These concussions were not recognized, and she continued to play.Ontario passed the Rowan’s Law Advisory Committee Act, on June 7, 2016 to establish the Rowan’s Law Advisory Committee to review the jury recommendations made as a result of the Coroner’s inquest into the death of 17-year-old high school rugby player Rowan Stringer.The Act required the Committee to provide advice to the government with respect to head injury prevention and treatment.