Who is pau gasol dating

On a different note, could this purse have belonged to her? Here are some photos of Pau Gasol’s girlfriend, cheerleader Silvia Lopez Castro, for your viewing pleasure.Chicago Bulls Basketball – A recent article by voted Silvia Lopez Castro, Pau Gasol’s girlfriend since 2009, one of the 10 hottest NBA WAGs (WAG = wives and girlfriends). Castro was born in Barcelona in 1989, she’s the youngest of three daughters.And to this day, Bridge won't shake his hand in any pre-match handshake lines, even though the newspapers involved in the rumor-mongering apologized for spreading what they called the "untrue" rumors.In 2000, speculation ran rampant that Joe Horn had not only slept with Willie Roaf's wife, but had impregnated her and was the father of Roaf's six-week-old daughter.Long-time gymnast, Castro began her career as a gymnast coach at a local school.She then joined Spain’s ‘Dream Cheers, ‘ the dance squad for Gasol’s former team, FC Barcelona.

Adding fuel to the rumor was the fact that the Barrys were in the midst of finalizing their own divorce a month before that of Longoria and Parker.

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