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While I've never had any issues wit the locals, you need to remember most of the dudes at these places are getting shit faced, and snorting lines of coke in the bathroom.Send me a PM, letting me know when you'll be in town.I get your hesitation for not wanting to go to the Centro clubs alone.It took me a couple of trips to MDE before I felt comfortable in the city to venture into those establishments alone.

Buying drinks or lady drinks is optional and so are lap dances or anything other than taking a girl to a room for the price mentioned. I can't tell you how much and it doesn't matter if you bring your own.It did get 1st Place in the Creepy Shack motif division though. Yakuza-Carrera-50 a # 53-38 -basically behind the Hotel Nutribara which is right across from Botero Plaza-if the cab driver acts stupid tell him the block where the buses to the airport park.Yakuza is behind a mirrored glass door, just left of the Hotel Deseos, I think a love hotel so you could take the girl there.The nice about Luna Lunera is they have that courtyard you can taxi right in to and out of late at night, keeps you off the streets.Their website: And I don't advise Centro at night to novice's to dangerous big city Latin America, at least not solo.