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“Welp one group decided to bring swastika flags because I saw multiple on streams,” wrote one user.Much of the discussion was centered around how the event would look to the outside world.An analysis of the 10 weeks of communications paints the picture of a gradually coalescing movement well aware its actions would almost certainly trigger fierce and violent clashes with counterprotesters.Reveal could not independently verify the authenticity of the messages. 12 failed in their ability to control the Charlottesville, Va., crowd that had been whipped up into a frenzy by white nationalist rhetoric. The group’s best-laid plans failed spectacularly, unraveled by organizers’ inability to control the Charlottesville, Virginia, crowd that had been whipped up into a frenzy by the rhetoric of the white nationalist movement.

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“We are not going to prevent anyone or take anyone’s guns as long as you guys are doing it legally,” an organizer said in one group planning conference call.

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The chat rooms also included tips on defensive gear like body armor and shields.

Some suggested the military-style body armor also served a propaganda purpose, reinforcing the argument that they had reason to protect themselves from violent counterprotesters.