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In 1967, the songwriters, Don Paul (of the Viscounts) and Richard Kerr (who later wrote "Mandy", a hit for Barry Manilow) went to see You Only Live Twice at the Odeon, Leicester Square.They were taken with Partridge, who had two young girls in mini-skirts as "bottlers" (that is, collecting the money).

He'd have been another Rolf Harris if I could have tamed him." Kerr wrote the second hit, "Blue Eyes".

He left school at 15, taking a variety of different jobs and finding a purpose in life when he saw the American one-man band, Jesse Fuller, on a UK tour.

Partridge set himself up with a guitar, a harmonica on a harness, a drum on his back (operated with a stick attached to his elbow) and a foot cymbal.

In 2005, he went on a UK tour with Lemon Jelly, playing inside and outside theatres.

"I could never refuse a pretty face", he once confessed, "I'd be busking and a girl would come up and invite me to her place.